The Drina River, our largest mountain river, originates from the confluence of the Piva and Tara rivers, is 365 km long, and is the largest tributary of the Sava River. The width of the Drina River is 50-200 m and in some parts is more than 15 m deep.

Throughout its course, the Drina river is the habitat of all freshwater species of fish.

River is rich in algae and micro-organisms, so all fishies are extremely strong and combative and can grow to the maximum of their species. The Drina river hides huge grayling, specimens of brown and rainbow trout of over 10 kg, Huchen over 140 cm in length, and 40 kg in weight, which are a dream of all fishermen.

Because of frequent changes in water levels and its dimensions, the Drina River represents the greatest challenge for fishing of these species. Our guides are ready to respond to any situation and provide you with everything you need for comfortable fishing and off fishing time.

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