The city of Kraljevo is located in central Serbia, it represents an administrative, economic and cultural center of the Raska district, surrounded with three rivers Ibar, Zapadna Morava and Ribnica.

According to the 2011 census results, a total of 125,488 inhabitants live in the city administrative area of Kraljevo and with 1530 km².

City core has plenty of cozy cafes and restaurants to take a break in between as well as after fishing sessions.

The mountain river Ibar flows through the center of the town of Kraljevo, we can say that Kraljevo is at the “lower” Ibar region and its more peaceful then the upper part which mainly goes trough the canyons ,cutting the right trough the heart of Kopaonik and Valley of Liliasc.

The part of the river that is right in the center of the city is under a special fishing Catch & Release regime. The river Ibar will provide the ultimate urban fishing experience, walk along the beautiful Ibar banks and a cold drink right next to the top micro locations where some of predators (catfish, pike, chub ) can be easily deceived with the help of our guides.

Upstream from Kraljevo, the river Ibar flows through the canyon and the river is much faster and more inaccessible, but fishing in the canyon of the river Ibar has its advantages and hides trophy specimens of catfish, pike and asp.

The Ibar is full of rocks and stone slabs in that part, the whirlpools are deep with a lot of obstacles at the bottom, the rapids are strong, and the river is largely inaccessible.

Only 2 km below the town of Kraljevo, the river Ibar flows into Zapadna Morava, much quieter and calmer, and a couple degrees warmer river Zapadna Morava hides amazing places that will take your breath away. It is inhabited by catfish, pikeperch, perch, chub and all species can be successfully hunted using the lure fishing technique.

Due to the size of the river Zapadna Morava, fishing of the largest freshwater predators with the lure technique is a great challenge because the river is full of flooded logs, rocks, sections, and other obstacles around which most of the species use as their hiding places.

Lure fishing on the river of Ibar and Zapadna Morava is not only casting and getting Hooked on, it’s a life time experience of fishing in urban environment with a possibility to relax, enjoy and if good enough catch a fish of you life!

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